Sonal Lobo

What is love

Is it easy? Is it Hard?

Is it difficult to explain?

Not heard and only felt.

It needs a heart

A heart to say yes, when mind says no.

A heart to smile, even though tears keep rolling.

A heart to forgive, when the hurt is dark and deep.

A heart to share, when you know there is nothing in spare.

A heart to sacrifice,

A heart to appreciate.

A heart to accept others, despite the imperfections.

A heart which is less selfish and more kind

A heart free of jealousy and pride.

For a pure heart is the dwelling place of love.

What is Love

Is it easy? Is it Hard?



Spoken words may sometimes be shallow

But unspoken words always seem heavy.

Smile shared may not always be noticed,

But a smile held back shall never be liked.

A selfless heart may not always be appreciated,

But a selfish heart will always be criticized.

Sharing may not always be regarded as caring,

But a stingy heart shall always be kept away.

Silence may not always be accepted,

But too much talking is condemned.

Studying more may not always make one knowledgeable.

But knowing less will make you ignorant.

Doubtful mind may not always find peace.

But a faithful heart shall always be blessed.



Sonal Lobo

Sonal Lobo

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